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After taking a hiatus, it's time to connect with new clients.
If you're in need of Website & Graphic Design, as well as Video Editing, please contact me.


Real Quotes From Real Email From Real Clients. Really.

I sure as hell couldn't have done it without you Terry!! I'm loving the YouTube banner, and I’ll still need your YouTube advice as things go forward. If there's anything I can do for you in return, just let me know!! You are THE MAN!!! THANKS!!!
Fred Frees • Voice Peddler
  (TLWD designed website, created graphics)
Wow that’s a lot of work. I looked at the link and the additions. Thanks for all of the extra details and being pro active. The front page is awesome and looks fantastic on my iPhone. I love the new look and layout of the other pages too. Thanks Terry!
Paul Werner • Photon Electric
Well it's about frigin' time Hemp Radio has a kool website. We love your show about hemp. Keep up the good work Paticakes!
Richie & Maria • Renegade Podcast
  (TLWD designed website, created graphics)
Everything looks fantastic, it appears we’re in business!! Also, thanks very much for updating the new features on the website. We like everything you did and really appreciate the prompt service.
Jeff & Aaron • Mueller Business Associates
  (TLWD designed website, created graphics & edited video)
This looks great. I like the revisions you made. They have taken down the Cyprus trees in the front. I will send you the new photo of the front of the house. Other than that, the website looks FABULOUS!
Mary Gullixson • Gullixson Real Estate
  (TLWD designed website, created graphics & edited video)
You are great! I just looked at the final website. I love it!
Dr. Mary Pham • Alternative Health
  (TLWD designed website, created graphics)