Creating Unique Videos, Motion GraphicsAnd Motion FX Using Final Cut Pro X

My rate is only $40 per hour because I work by myself.

Display the capabilities of a Generator designed for Marine Vessels.
Tilt Skid simulates sea waves (Roll: 25° • Pitch: 15°) and abrupt stops.

The head of engineering and his team just loved the video of the Generator. They want to order 10 to 15 of these units, possibly a great many more.
A New Customer Of MTT LLC

Filmed on two iPhones: (1) Portrait mode • (2) Landscape mode
Succesfully created a video by combining and syncronizing both modes
(Example is a short clip. Full video: Nevada Wedding Website)

Thank you Terry! So exciting. Marc loves seeing his song, especially with the two different angles. Deep gratitude precious one!!! Shared with love and compassion.

Create a loop, short & eye catching, showcasing designs on products.
For the website

Instructional video combining a song with a banana bread recipe.
Show "How To" within the time constraints of the song's duration.

I love the creativity of the video and that song. Throughout the years I've seen that you can edit any style of video - whether staid conservative or hippie mescaline trip.
Jeff S.

At the “Elli's Ride” Book Release And Reception on 4.23.17
Filmed with participants iPhones, this video tells “the story of this day”

Your video was amazing - thank you! Andrea is lucky to have good friends like y’all. What a special day it was :)
Taylor A. • The HeartWay Organization